Sep 212017

First German monopoly with Hutten Strasse as cheapest Berlin estate

This time it´s not about the German pudding, but about real estate in the most rapidly developing and promising city in Europe in Berlin/Germany.  With this words Adi Keizman and his companies Berlin Estate and Berlin Aspire pitches condominiums in Berlin especially to Israelis. But is the investment really as good, as Adi Keizman wants to make us believe? For example Huttenstraße 71, which he proudly presents as the latest project?


From German point of view the Huttenstraße definitely hasn´t been a good area over the past 80 years and already in the first German Monopoly the Huttenstraße ironically has been the cheapest street! (Please click to enlarge the picture!)And still today it`s a social difficult and very poor area, with a lot of shabby buildings, where criminal Lebanese family-clans like to perform and the Berliner just call it little Beirut.

Real estate investments with promising profits and returns should always be carefully analyzed, especially if there can be detected some of the 5 typical alarm-signals for scrap real estate in the business model, as the German Wikipedia explains. Also Junk properties, or scrap real estate deals and fraud (in German „Schrottimmobilien„) have become so familiar in Berlin, that even the Berlin government on his website alerts.

Now a big German lawyer company which is specialized in investor-protection reports about legal-problems with the Berlin Estate and Berlin Aspire! Adi Keizman is in the focus again – this time in Berlin:

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  5 Antworten zu “עולים לברלין Olim le Berlin? Olim le little Beirut?”

  1. Der Berliner Mieterverein hat über die Praxis der Vermietung zu vorrübergehendem Gebrauch einen Artikel geschrieben und eine intereressante Handlungsmöglichkeit aufgezeigt:

  2. Die Reichenberger 114 hat mit einer englischen Zusammenfassung die Praktiken der Berlin Aspire in der Huttenstraße 71 gepostet:

  3. Again in english – lawfirm Resch about Berlin Estate – Berlin Aspire. They ask: are the investors informed about the risks of the precontract?


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